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Runes or The Elder Futhark

What are they?

They are the old Nordic/Germanic writing system consisting of 24 symbols. They could have been used for anything and everything, but it’s generally speculated and assumed they were used primarily as a communication gateway for the living and the spirit worlds, especially for information, divination, communication, blessings, and requests for aid/protection/guidance from deities.

Here is a list I’ve made of the Elder Futhark. In the first column I have the different aettir (singular aett) grouping the 24 runes into three different groups of eight. In the second column is the name and variations of the spelling, the pronunciation the rune stands for, and a picture of the rune. In the third column is a list of key words, meanings and uses for the rune.

**You don’t need these to be earth-based! They are simply a really cool tool broken down. Whether or not you choose to explore them on your own is entirely up to you.  🙂


If you’d like to download a free pdf, then click here.

Eldar Futhark1Eldar Futhark2Eldar Futhark3Eldar Futhark4Eldar Futhark5

The 24 symbols of the Elder Futhark are divided into three groups of eight. Some say that a god and goddess rule over each aett, and then some sources only list one. For those who’d like to know both, they are:

1st Aett – Frey and Freya

2nd Aett – Heimdall and Mordgud

3rd Aett – Tiwaz and Zisa

Runes are not as old as ogham, but are arguably more popular in modern pagan circles. However, this is quickly changing as ogham is making a bit of a comeback.

The runes can be used in many different ways, but are generally carved or painted onto rocks and stones, bits of wood or cards (rather like tarot).


So what if you’re working with the runes and one reveals itself inverted?

Not this:

(normal Fehu)Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 17.58.02

But this:

(inverted Fehu)
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 17.58.02

It does NOT necessarily depict the opposite of meaning, but rather a negative connotation. Continuing with Fehu as an example, Fehu generally symbolizes things like wealth, money and power. If it comes out inverted, then it means greed, burnout, bondage and poverty.

You can use these symbols in many different ways. Here and here are different ideas on how to “cast”, or lay out the runes you’ve blindly picked, to get the answers and info you’ve asked for.

Not sure how to start? Here is a good basic to get you going:

  1. Have all of your runes in a small bag in front of you, but closed so you can’t see them.
  2. Have a nice meditation to calm down and “tune in” to ask your question.
  3. Ask your question.
  4. Draw three runes from your bag and place them in a line in front of you.
    1. The first one tells you about how the past is affecting your question/solution.
    2. The second one tells you how your present is affecting your question/solution.
    3. The third one will tell you how your future will affect your question/solution.
  5. Draw an optional fourth. This one will tell you about the question/solution overall.
  6. Don’t forget to record your findings in your journal!

Want to see where I got some of my input on the Eldar Futhark? Then click here.



Questions? Comments? Talk to me below. 🙂




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