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Rituals 101

First and Foremost, you have to CLEARLY CREATE YOUR INTENT. If you need some more info on how to do that and why it’s so important, you can check out this page.

So, down to business. You’d like to try making a ritual of some sort for yourself. Great! But you have no idea how to start. No problem. Here is my basic procedure. You can take from it what you like.

Basic Procedure:

  1. Set the Space and cleanse yourself, your materials and the space
  2. Invite the “guests
  3. State the intent
  4. Open yourself up for meditation/connection
  5. Let the energies flow through you and receive the input/movement
  6. Restate the intent
  7. Do whatever work you were planning
  8. Release the energies and guests with love and gratitude
  9. Come back to yourself

1. Setting the Space

I like to work with and honor the elements when I am doing some serious work.

North – Earth

East – Air

South – Fire

West – Water

Set up a space where you are comfortable, either in your living room or backyard, wherever. The point is to be in a space you feel safe and comfortable in.

Have something personal to you that symbolizes each element and have it put in each cardinal direction, Celtic cross style with you invoking the fifth element of spirit/love in the middle. My go-tos are:  Some stones for north, incense and a feather for east, candles for south, and a small glass bowl of water for west. I change them according to the intent I’m working with, but for starters just use what calls to you.

Once you have set up your space, you’ll want to bless and/or cleanse it. This basically means that you want to make sure the energies around you are aired out and fresh, kind of like how your home feels after you’ve cleaned it, but just on an energetic level. There are tons of different ways to do this.

  • Different cleansing incenses such as sage, frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli
  • Sound – different hummings, chantings, a Tibeten sound bowl, chakra tones
  • Drawing a protective circle and/or pentagram

What you use is up to you. You can use a combination of any and all. I personally like to light up some sage and say something along the lines of:

            This space is safe, I have no fear

            I am guided and protected and loved beyond measure

            This is my home, I have no fear

When I was younger I said, “May only Love and Light enter this space, May only Love and Light dwell in this place.”

**Make sure you cleanse/go over yourself and whoever is there with you (physically). Go over your elemental representations and materials as well.

When you’re calling on the elements, this is an example of something you can go with:

Facing North: I call upon the energies of the North; earth, mother mine, come and be with me tonight

Facing East: I call upon the energies of the East; air, winds, brother mine, come and be with me tonight

Facing South: I call upon the energies of the South; fire, father mine, come and be with me tonight

Facing West: I call upon the energies of the West; waters, sister mine, come and be with me tonight

Feel free to be creative and make something up that suits you. Go clockwise.

**The idea behind speaking things out loud is to help bring clarity and purpose to your ritual, so it’s important to not feel silly or stupid. Make sure you feel the power behind your words, so make sure the words are strong and clear for you.

2. Inviting Guests

This is also kind of important to give some thought to. Sometimes it’s okay to have an “open party” and send out a general invite to all the goodies out there. But for something detailed, I highly suggest making it an invite-only occasion.

Thoughts to keep in mind are:  Who do you respond to particularly well? Who protects you or has in the past? Healed you? Comforts you? Who is going to help you get your business done? Who represents the success or seasonal event you’re celebrating?

So take some time to think about this, or if someone pops into your head immediately when you’re planning this, kind of like, “Oo, you should definitely invite me! I’m going to help you with this.” Then you might want to consider inviting them. Definitely invite your Team and Higher Self to the party.

When you’re invoking/inviting, I think it’s best to speak out loud. You don’t have to be theatrical, but you can be if you want. A nice one I like that I wrote is:

            To me this night I seek out the counsel of my Team

            The guidance of Gaia

            The witness of Source

            Who together with their infinite Love made me

            The teachers, the Ascended Ones

            Be with me tonight in love and peace and harmony and

            Keep away those who would have otherwise

            Thank you, thank you, thank you!

3. State Your Intent

This is something you should do BEFORE you start your ceremony. This is just the part where you say it out loud. Again, check out this page for more about creating your intent. You could say something to the effect of:

I have called you all here tonight to help me (state the intent). To guide me and bear witness as I bring about this change.

4. Open yourself up for meditation/connection

Do your favorite grounding/connecting meditation. I have a lovely one with opening the chakras and spreading my roots into the earth and my leaves into the heavens – think of all the images of the World Tree. Once you feel like you’re “turned on and tuned in”, move to the next step.

5. Let the energies flow through you

So you’ve set up your space and invited everyone you wanted and have made a connection. If you don’t feel some presence at this part, then pretend you do. Assume that everyone as accepted their invitations. Welcome them and feel them around you or even in you as the case may be. Channel them for your activities.

6. Restate the intent

Say what you’ve come to do loudly. Repeat it if you feel the need to. Chant it, even. Feel the energies help you to do this.

7. Do the work you planned

Get to business. How did you want to symbolize your intent in your ritual? This is where you do that.

8. Releasing

Once you’re done the work, thank the guests for their presence and send them home with love and gratitude.

Release the energies of the elements you called upon and thank them each in turn. If you started N, E, S, W, then I suggest going counter-clockwise, so W, S, E, N.

9. Coming back to yourself

Now this last bit is up to you. Sometimes it’s nice to reel in your roots and leaves. Sometimes you want to leave them to continue to draw energy and love from your connections to give you that feeling of unity, connectedness and well, power to move on and do what needs to be done.

If you chose to ground yourself and reel yourself in a little, which would probably be a good idea for beginners, then it definitely helps to eat and drink a little something. I recommend making a little offering to whoever you invited as well into the earth. Just like a sip and a bite.

And there is the basic format for a ritual or ceremony. Again, change and alter what you like to make it work for you. You have to feel good and comfortable and confident with all the steps you plan. If you want real results, take it seriously and put in the planning. It helps to reinforce the intent, and the power behind your convictions.

Enjoy the experience. And remember, do all of this from the heart. Have good intentions and confidence. If you feel a bit silly, don’t worry! I’m sure we all have at one point. But don’t let that get you down! Let the feeling of goofiness remind you to enjoy it. 😉

Feel free to share or ask questions down below!

Blessed be, my darlings!


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