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Nordic Resources

Here are some of my favorite online sources I’ve read on the topic of Nordic myths, legends, deities and more. The only book I’ve really read is Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda, and you can get a free copy of that on your e-reader or find all the stories for free online as well, especially through some of the websites below. If you want to know more literary things to check out, I suggest checking out the references listed on some of the sites.

As with anything else you read, whether on paper or digitally, use your discretion and common sense, and take away from  sources with good vibes what feels good to you, and ignore that which doesn’t. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a look over first to decide whether or not to accept the information, but it’s ultimately up to you.

Trust your heart and your gut.


I’ve shortened some of the real URLs because some were super long but the links will take you to the actual ones:

  • – my favorite to get great insights on all the basics
  • – fun visuals and basic descriptions
  • – really well organized information on everything!
  • – lots great basic info on everything Nordic; syntax and grammar aren’t perfect, but they’re not too distracting and I think the website was put up by a non-native English speaker, so kudos for all that work anyway! Disclaimer – a lot of the info is claimed to be derived from Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda, which many scholars claim  he made up a lot of. However, it’s still a good website for some basic 411.
  • – for the more intellectual, visual person. All the basic info you need in alphabetical order.
  • – nothing you can’t get from the other websites, but it gives you lots of links to bounce around and find connections between the Norse and other European pagan cultures.
  • – a little more than basic info, but their references page of things to read is great!
  • Awesome Youtube Videos – these are great! A bit old, but great to watch, especially if you are more of an audiovisual person. I recommend watching all the videos, which are all about 10 minutes or less. There are actually lots of great youtube videos about the Norse, these are just some to get you started.
  • – if you click around here you’ll come across a bunch of tales, myths and legends.
  • – more basics in ABC order
  • – for interesting viewpoints and takes on the stories and their characters

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