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Moon Rituals

If you’d like to know more about the moon, click here.

Moon Rituals 101

I went over what the moon tends to represent, so now I’m going to touch upon basic ritual stuff for the moon. Just like any ritual you hold, intention is the key factor and ingredient. You have to set your intention for what you want to achieve or do first, so take some time to plan it out. I cannot emphasize that enough. If you take the time to plan how you’re going to do things, you are more likely to get the results you want than if you just wing it. Carefully word out your intent – remember, there is power in words. Be as precise and simple as you can, I personally find this to be best. The fancier you get with the language, the more diluted the intent is.

When you set your intent, keep in mind what the moon is represented as being the strongest in in the phase you wish to act in. It might not be the best time to go within for answers during a full moon; that would be better during a new moon. Use a full moon to get things out and moving. Full moons are great for protection work, making big life changes and letting whatever is no longer serving you in your life go.

Need to understand why you are acting the way you are? Try a new moon or a waning moon to dive deeper into yourself and ask the tough questions. Want to move forward in a goal and it’s not going as quickly as you’d like? Try harnessing some waxing moon energy.

If you want to talk to a deity during a moon ritual, pick the one that you get on best with of course. But if you want to pick someone who is typically associated with the moon and want to draw on them during a time they are considered particularly powerful, you might want to ask someone like The Morrigan in Crone, Badh, Cerridwyn, Hecate, Kali or Lilith. If you want to know more about the Dark Goddess aspect, click here. Don’t forget, they are NOT evil. They are the necessary balance. If they strike fear into you, it’s for a reason – for you to face it. But I digress.

If you have chosen a guide to work with, it never hurts to have something that symbolizes them, such as a small cauldron for Cerridwyn or a crow’s feather for the Morrigan. You’ll have to decide what works best according to who you’re talking to.

To represent the moon, objects such as pearls (real or fake), white candles, round glass bowls of water and mirrors are very strong symbols. Objects made of or painted silver are also good, especially if they are round. Moon cakes and sweet round (and light colored) nomnoms are also popular and great to munch on to bring you back to earth after a ritual/prayer/meditation.

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