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Kundalini Tantra

Notes (and thoughts) on Kundalini Tantra

By Swami Satyananda Saraswati

In essence:

Awakening the kundalini energy and the pathway in which it travels through our body is the main goal of our human incarnation here on earth. Why? To reach enlightenment, of course. Kundalini is the primordial cosmic energy manifested in our physical and non-physical body. The game we play in this incarnation is to wake it up. It’s coiled up and dormant  in one of the seven charkas, mooladhara (red), at the base of the spine. But not only do we have to wake up this “snake” of energy or intense, higher vibrational prana, but we have to clear out the pathway which it travels through the chakras, called the sushumna. The kundalini wants to be woken up and go “home” to the crown charka, aka sahasrara, but we have to be sure that we are ready for it to do so, and that our intents and goals with it are also clear and well, good. You see, once that energy is fired up and roaring through the body, is it difficult to control and understand. The practice of kundalini tantra is not only to help awaken and clear the path for kundalini, but to help the practitioner to understand and control it. Once this happens, not only have you reached enlightenment, you are basically a “demi-god”, a human incarnation of the Divine. Pretty cool, right?



More to come, stay tuned!