Earth-Based Philosophies and Lifestyles

Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices


Here I’ve set you up with a list of guides from all earth-based walks of life. I’m sure going to be editing and adding more from time to time. There are a lot to cover!


Guides – Who? What? Why?

Who – Guides come in many shapes, forms and guises. These are beings/personas that we turn to for guidance, help, assistance, direction, answers, etc. They are beings that we figure are smarter and kinder than us that can help lead us in the right direction and down the right path.

What – We learn from stories about them and their actions (or lack thereof, as the case may be). We can openly communicate with them with various methods and receive their guidance. They are teachers with outside perspectives on our lives so they can really be good to go to for comfort and aid, or even a kick in the pants! They can be kind and patient, rough and tough, playful, insightful or whatever – it depends on their moods, you, and the situation. They really don’t tend to be mean and spiteful. If you feel like this is the case, either you have the wrong take on the lesson they’re trying to give you or you’re talking to the wrong ones!

Why – Why do we need guides that we can’t actually see or touch? Well, some will argue with you that you can, but seeing as most “can’t”, I’ll give you some good reasons as to why.

1) We don’t have to do all this alone! So many think that we’re all alone to figure out this thing called life, and we’re not. Guides are there and all around us. Always. Since forever and until forever. They want to help us. Does that mean we have to rely on them for every little decision? No. That’s annoying and you’re missing the point. But do we have free reign to ask for help and advice and to take it as we see fit? Yes! A thousand times yes!!

2) Many guides were once of this earth. They get it. They get the struggle it is to be human. They’ve literally “been there done that”. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable asking someone for help who already has experience with whatever it is you’re dealing with? Humans are great, don’t get me wrong, and many are very insightful and helpful. But sometimes you need a guide who is older, wiser and a bit more divine, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

3) It’s cool! Once you’ve made contact with a guide, or they with you, and you begin a relationship, it’s pretty friggin awesome. You discover new ways to receive information and guidance and it really does help you. Whether through meditation, signs or whatever, you grow this sort of mentor relationship and life on this planet doesn’t seem as lonely and dismal anymore, but magical and full of possibilities. Corny, that last bit, right? Yeah, but still true!


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