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Celtic Deities

There is a rich plethora of Celtic deities to learn and draw inspiration from. When you visit many websites, they just tend to list out all the deities they could that were associated with the Celts. However, if you look at the names, you’ll see there are three different background origins that the names generally come from. And for some reason, the lack of distinction bothered me. A lot.

To me, it was clear there were Irish, Welsh, and Gaulish/Britania/Roman names. Many of the names converge into the same deity (i.e. Manawydan and Mannanan Mac Lir), and I’ll be making another chart merging deities together by general attributes and functions soon. But it bothered me that they were all just grouped together because to me (and to the ancient Celts) a name has big power and I think it’s important to know the origin of the name to understand the function of the deity, such as a Roman cultural mindset vs. a more Celtic, even if over time they seemed to fuse together in the histories.

I know there are many different spellings and variations of the names, but these are the ones I decided on using for this most basic of introductions. I’m sure I might have missed someone as well. But, please keep in mind, that this chart is supposed to be a basic introduction.

Also, if you wish to know more about a certain deity, you can start by googling them! 😉

I’ve attached a pdf file of the pictures for you to download as you like.

Celtic Deities Chart1Celtic Deities Chart2Celtic Deities Chart3Celtic Deities Chart4Celtic Deities Chart5Celtic Deities Chart6Celtic Deities Chart7


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