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There are so many different archetypes that I don’t think it necessary to post them all. There are many opinions on who or what they are with many variations of each, so I have done my best to consolidate and simplify.

Why are knowing and exploring the archetypes relevant in an earth-based lifestyle?

It is part of an earth-based lifestyle because many of the deities fit into one archetype or another. There are many ways to ask for help outside of yourself (guides, mediation, prayer), but this is a way to internalize help for yourself by yourself. 

If asking for help from higher guides like deities and angels might seem too out there for you, then try this. Archetypes are global and transcend culture and time. This is why we find such strong similarities in deities throughout the world in all different cultures. Cultures give them different names and appearances, but you tend to be able to fit them into the same archetype. For example, let’s examine The Warrior, who can be found in the faces of Archangel Michael, the Nordic god Thor, Greek Apollo and Roman Mars, and from the Celts Oghma. They all of course have other qualities and characteristics, but there is one defining trait that comes to mind first – that of the Warrior.

This is an easy method to create help for yourself and implement receiving the help. You have to ground yourself and then introduce the archetype, incorporating the “WWJD” mentality – except that you can replace that “J” with whatever! “What would my archetype do in this situation?”

For those who need help drawing strength, courage, direction or inspiration, it helps to find an archetype to bring into your psyche to help you with whatever task is at hand. You channel an archetype, whether you find it already a part of you or if you would like to bring the archetype’s characteristics into your own, to aid you psychologically. It’s not too different from acting or role-play. You assume a character/archetype and try your best to act accordingly to the situation you are in. And this is all your choice. You don’t have to tell anyone what is going on in your head if you don’t want to! You can think of this as a secret game with yourself, but you are in no way forced to declare to the world which archetype you are using at the moment. Although, I do recommend journaling about it.

For example:  If you are trying to fight some sort of battle, whether it’s dealing with a work colleague who is treating you poorly, a bully or any situation where you feel the need to defend yourself, The Warrior might be helpful to channel into your mind and body. Or, if you are sincerely trying to help a friend, child, etc. with good advice, it would be helpful to use The Wise One. Traveling? The Adventurer is definitely a good choice.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

What is most important is if you decide to try this useful idea to help you out in life, you should first decide which archetypes you relate to the most or think are already a part of you and decide their sex (please keep in mind that the archetype can be either male or female, both or neither. Whatever floats your boat) and how they physically look. You need a clear picture of the archetype in your head. You should list what you believe to be their talents, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. You don’t want to use The Adventurer when you need to make a home, right?

For example, here is one of mine:

The Adventurer: male, slightly taller than average, dark features, clean-shaven, thin, short hair, early-mid 20s, wearing a grey shirt and loose-fitting pants, good at blending in and with languages, positive, fit, charismatic, has the feel of a permanent holiday about him.

  • He is positive, a perpetual student, friend and guide.
  • Use for a positive spin on things, when offering guidance to those who are physically lost, to channel universal kindness and respect.
  • Not so good for self-defense, healing or deep wisdom.

This is my Adventurer. Yours is going to look completely different. And that’s okay, that’s the point! You’ve got a paint a picture of an archetype who you can manifest and channel to help you!

I don’t find it helpful to think of examples of archetypes from literature, TV, film, life or whatever, because it can influence you in the wrong direction. I find it best to come up with a picture for yourself and follow that.

With that said, here are some of the most popular archetypes:

  • The Adventurer/Explorer/Hunter
  • The Alchemist/Intellectual
  • The Caregiver (Father, Mother)
  • The Creator/Artist/Performer
  • The Innocent or The Child
  • The Jokester/Trickster
  • The Lover
  • The Maiden/Youth
  • The Priestess/Priest/Magician
  • The Teacher/Master
  • The Rebel/Advocate
  • The Warrior/Athlete/Hero
  • The Wise One/Sage


Here are some links I found about different sets of archetypes:


I wish you all the best in this creative, extremely helpful and useful method to help you out in life! If you have any questions or comments, post them below and I’ll do my best to chat with you about the subject.




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