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Angelic Deities

Angels can be found in scriptures ancient and new around the world today.

How is working with angelic deities earth-based?

Well, remember that bit in the About section where I said I was going to particularly focus on the Celtic/pagan traditions of Europe intermingled with New Age philosophies? This is me intermingling. 😉 There are many neopagans who also work with angels. A great many of us have grown up with angels, asking them for help and protection, so they tend to be a starting point in asking for help/guidance from deity figures. If angels exist, can’t the deities of other traditions as well? And if you look closely, you’ll see many similar archetypes in each set of deities – the Warrior, the Healer, etc. To me, it only seems natural to include angels.

What tends to be the most widely accepted facts about angels are:

  1. They are closer to God/Source than us.
  2. They are not of earth but of the heavens and have to alter their natural state to be seen by us and/or even visit earth.
  3. They tend to glow because of holiness/energy; sometimes have a halo
  4. They can fly and have giant bird-like, feathered wings
  5. They’re pretty much better than us at everything – healing, learning, fighting, basic decision-making
  6. They’re “supposed” to help, guide and protect us, the wee humans, on earth
  7. They are especially fond of children and do-gooders and bring people to their afterlife of choice (usually Heaven if you believe in angels).


There are so many angels. Really. So. Many.

But how many Archangels, aka, the ones who have the highest ranking in the angelic system, are there? This number is widely discussed, with different belief systems settling on different numbers. The most popular numbers of Archangels are four, seven and twelve.

I have gone with twelve because yes. However, the first four are the most well-known and highest ranked, with Michael of course being the first.

They also go by many, many different names and many, many different variations and translations. The only ones who don’t really tend to get mixed up with any other version are Michael and Gabriel.

So here is my ridiculous amount of research simplified. Let me tell you, there is a LOT of info about these guys everywhere, and you can take away from it what you like. Because each source tends to be a bit different from the last, it’s up to you to decide what feels “right” in regards to the angels, and any other deity for that matter. These are the spellings and translations I connected with:

The Twelve Archangels

Michael (male, Who is Like God)

Gabriel (male/female, Power/Strength of God)

Ariel (female, Light/Fire of God)

Raphael (male, God Heals)

Suriel (male, Command of God)

Jophiel (female, Divine Beauty of God)

Zadkiel (female, Mercy of God)

Metatron (male, Scribe of God)

Chamuel (female, One Who Sees/Seeks God)

Raguel (female/male, Friend of God)

Raziel (female, Secret/Knowledge of God)

Jarahmeel (male, Vision of God)


Do angels have a gender?

Yes and no. Most agree yes, while there are some out there who believe that because they are higher beings than us, they are genderless. The main problem is, is that there are only a few angels who are always regarded as a particular sex; Michael, Metatron and Raphael are pretty much always male. The rest, especially Gabriel and Ariel, can be either-or. My decisions on casting genders on the above are a result of research and meditation on my own, and to be honest, sometimes change (particularly Gabriel). Feel free to choose what you connect best with.

If you’d like some website recommendations for these angels, these are decent places to start.


Michael is “the biggest and the baddest”. Okay, that sounds harsh. He is the strongest angelic warrior and commander of Heaven’s host and generally the most well-known and popular angel. While his name might vary slightly, its pronunciation stays very close in every language. He is God’s right-hand angel. So if God took a day off, it’d be Michael running things. Generally asked to help in battles of all sorts, for protection of all sorts, as well as healing, guidance and leadership. Don’t let the strong description fool you, he is also very kind and gentle, but he will be the tough leader and teacher he needs to be. He doesn’t fight to win, he fights because it’s the right thing to do to bring about a peaceful solution. His end-goal is to lead us all back to God/Source through knowledge and understanding. We have to understand the yins and yangs, the lights and darks of life in order to transcend them. Talk to him if you need strength, courage, protection, offensive and defensive skills, courage to do what’s right, bravery in life, aggressive healing, self confidence and leadership skills, patience and peace.

Gabriel is second in command. Also a prolific fighter and an “avenging angel”, which means that he gives out the punishment to those who break the higher (God’s) laws. It’s supposed to be his horn we hear blowing when the apocalypse begins. In scripture, he is trusted to deliver all of the really important messages about big, upcoming events (i.e. Mary’s birth of Jesus). He will bring about news to you about new opportunities, experiences and big changes. Talk to Gabriel about fertility, conception and adoption, creative, social and entertainment work, broadcasting and journalism. He can also help you come out of stagnant situations and get moving, especially in terms of your life purpose and creative expression.

Ariel is an earthly caretaker. She looks out for the plants and animals of the earth, as well as the elementals. She is also the one who deals with people who have caused harm to her domains. An angel of the hearth and home, you can call upon her to help you increase your connection with, understanding and knowledge of the earth and for earthly needs such as food, clean water and shelter. As a result, she is also a good one to talk to about mystical knowledge because nature’s mysteries are some of the biggest themes, especially here. She will help you understand your connection, and not separation, with the earth and your environment. She is strongly associated with lions.

Raphael is the healer. While all angels have the ability to heal, Raphael is without a doubt the most skilled and powerful in this than the rest. He is very kind and cheerful. When he’s around you tend to know it and you can feel the energy around you lightening. He is quick to announce his presence and eager to help you with your health issues, especially those caused by stress on all levels, misunderstandings and information gaps. His nurturing and kind disposition are also extremely helpful for those suffering from mental conditions, especially depression and anxiety, as well as emotional trauma. Not only health-oriented, he is great to talk to in regards to travel and outdoor activities, especially hiking and walking. Raphael helps us to understand how to channel the healing energies of the earth and plants to heal. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing emerald green lights when you talk to/call upon him. He is also widely acknowledged and respected for his talent with languages (understands them all, spoken and written, ancient and new) and learning. He is a favorite for doctors, healers, students and travelers.

Suriel (Sariel, Sauriel) is the heavenly judge. He is the trusted one to weigh all sides of a problem and give a fair solution. He also deals with those who go against the agreed upon verdicts and carries out punishments to wrong-doers, especially in the cases of other members of the heavenly host. He is one of the strongest fighters and commanders in heaven’s army and is respected by all. Wise, patient, serious and kind, call upon him for protection and good judgement and discernment, help in battles (especially legal), justice, fairness and equality, seeking answers and truth for battle, arguments and court. He can help you figure out if someone is lying or being dishonest with you. He is also a prolific healer and was thought to teach humans about the moon. He is also considered an angel of death who escorts souls to heaven/the other side. He is strongly associated with Ares, the ram, and bull.

Jophiel is the one who encourages you to stop and smell the roses and see the beauty in all things. In seeing the beauty in all things, you also see the divinity and connection to God/Source. She is a holy liberator and educator, seeking to help those who ask, as well as encourage others to ask, to move onwards and upwards , raising vibrations, joy and oneness to God/Source. She is great at helping you to declutter your life on all levels so that you can get to the finer, simpler things in life that are truly worth your time and attention. Talk to her about finding joy, liberation and beauty, higher purpose and meaning, beauty and the arts.

Zadkiel helps you to remember your divine purpose. She helps answer the deepest calls of your heart and helps you see with clarity and purpose from your mind’s eye. She is a proponent for mercy and forgiveness, for yourself as well as others. Talk to her about spiritual growth and self-transformation. She helps bring to the light issues that need to be healed as well as how best to heal them. She brings gratitude and benevolence as well as security in knowledge. Talk to her about spiritual growth and healing, forgiveness and cosmic knowledge.

Metatron is notably on par with Michael in terms of order of authority in heaven. As the Scribe of God, he writes down everything that happens and exists in the past, present and future in The Book of Life. He is often seen as Thoth, writer of the Emerald Tablets and creator and teacher of Sacred Geometry. Metatron’s Cube is used as a visionary/soul vehicle to move about in time and space, as well as for protection. He is the only angel listed who was once man, Enoch, who was able to reach enlightenment and was rewarded by being made an archangel. He has always played the role of prophet, chronicler and teacher. Some say that if Metatron is at the Seat of God, then he/she basically is God, which would make Michael his right and masculine and Gabriel his left and feminine.

It’s interesting to observe that as an earthling who reached enlightenment, and therefore reemergent with God/Source, then Enoch would essentially be God/Source, or a very close extension, and therefore genderless. This means that it would seem to be a natural order to place Metatron in the angelic hierarchy above both Michael and Gabriel. So, if “God took a day off,” it’s arguable that Metatron would be the one in charge and not Michael.

You can talk to Metatron about the higher cosmic learnings, higher learning in general, writing and recording, memory, activating and using your higher senses, learning from the past, present and future, and divination. He is also particularly fond of gifted children and those who seem to have social and learning disabilities, so ask for his help on their behalf or in your work/interaction with them.

Chamuel is mostly known as being the angel of love. Extremely loving and kind, this angel helps you to love not only those around you, but yourself. She is very skilled in helping people to bring unconditional love to their whole beings and souls so that they can better love those around them. She is very helpful in relationships, particularly romantic and parent-child. Chamuel also helps you find lost things or new opportunities in work and love. Talk to her when you are ready to open your heart to yourself and others, to get help in relationships, when you are on the search for something, love in general, compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

Raguel is the sociable peacekeeper. If Suriel is in charge of judicial law and order, Raguel is in charge of social law and order. He lends a hand with human relationships that are imbalanced and unjust. He helps ease tensions (good to ask to be around for large family get-togethers) and create fairness, equality, order and and justice with those in our lives. Raguel is good at helping you to calm down in tense situations so that you can think with a clear head and speak with a soft and steady voice. Also an avenging angel, he helps to dispatch just vengeance to wrong-doers (delivers the bad karma). Talk to Raguel if you feel like no one else is listening to you and valuing your judgement/input, to help with relationships, particularly friendship and working, as well as for a peaceful balance with the people in your life.

Raziel is the guide between you and God/Source. She helps us to remember our past lives and learning and apply those lessons in this one. She is the Crone in female form, or the Merlin in masculine. She is often described as having a special grey cloak or dress, light blue wings and a rainbow halo. As God’s original scribe, she wrote down all the secrets and mysteries of the cosmos and shares this information with humans when they are ready. Turning knowledge into practical wisdom is one of her strongest skills. She is helpful in creating focus by removing obstacles and sending reminders. Talk to Raziel about letting go of past (life) trauma, karma, debts and vows, as well as to focus on your spiritual path and soul remembering.

Jarahmeel helps to shed light on ideas and things that need it, whether personally or globally. As the Vision of God, he helps to bring insights to humans, especially through dreams and clairvoyant experiences. Very much an angel of the darker, more mysterious sides of life and learning, he helps you to do this fearlessly and make good choices when engulfed in these natural, necessary parts of life and learning. He works closely with Raziel in this respect – he helps you have the experience, then she helps you remember in your next incarnation. He is a great mentor for those who work as life coaches, mentors and therapists. Talk to Jarahmeel about dream interpretation, psychic experiences, positive life changes, connecting with your gut feelings, emotional boosts of confidence and happiness, and to release fears, worry and trauma from this life.





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