Earth-Based Philosophies and Lifestyles

Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices


This website is looking to help introduce you to earth-based lifestyles and philosophies, with particular focus on the Celtic/pagan traditions of Europe intermingled with New Age philosophies. It is my hope that I give you a good, organized source for the basic information on everything regarding an earth-based lifestyle and philosophy. I am hoping to spark your interest to set you on your own quest, whatever that may be.

The internet is a wonderful place to go and search out information, but it is often cluttered and a bit unorganized, so this site is here to help. I’ve spent hours going through the milieu of sites and made a collection of favorites that have helped me out. So from all the websites I’ve found, books I’ve read and teachers I’ve met, I have consolidated the information into what I believe to be the most agreed upon basic facts of today’s earth-based spirituality, religion, philosophy and history.

Think of this site as offering up the basic building blocks you need to get you started. Instead of specializing in one thing, I’ve taken a more “chaotic” approach and have simplified many. In understanding the basics of many and dabbling in them all, I have found more peace and clarity than in following one specific track and philosophy, and I think many more can do the same.

I don’t boast to post all the information about certain things, I am merely hoping to give you a starting point with basic information and insights, as well as some of my favorite resources to help you on your way.

I hope you find this site as helpful as it’s meant to be.


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