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The Many Types of Witchcraft

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Okay, so there seems to be a trend going around. Let’s break it down.

I am a witch.

I am not any kind of particular witch, just…a witch.

Now, many modern witches seem to have the need to distinguish what type of witch they are:

Hedge Witch

Kitchen Witch

White Witch

Grey Witch

Water Witch

Heritage Witch

Wiccan Witch


This confuses me. I am all these things because I am a witch. In my opinion and experience, being a “witch” means all these things and more. It is an all-encompassing title. I don’t follow Wicca, because I don’t follow anyone’s rules. But seriously, I am all these things. I am not limited to one thing or another, which is why I’ve chosen the term “witch”. Really, “neo-pagan hippy witch” is a bit better, but still, in essence, I am a witch. I have no limitations. I see the connection in all things, and I study them. I seek to understand, not to control or manipulate – that is not my goal.

Sisters and Brothers, why do you limit yourselves as a witch?

I simply am, and I use tools from all over the world and my experiences to bring myself to a better understanding of how the world around me works physically as well as spiritually.

I will not choose a limiting title to describe myself and my work. I simply am.

This now raises the question of, “I am all these things, but I specialize in such-and-such, which is why I’ve chosen the descriptive title.”

Okay, great on you, but…is that necessary? Are there really that many differences between a hedge, white or kitchen witch? Because honestly, I don’t think so. I think the only difference is the mindset and/or viewpoint.

Are you in a business and selling a particular skill set? I can understand it then from an advertising perspective, but really, in essence, are you not a witch? Is this title not enough?

The desensitization and demonization of the title “witch” is abundant through history, and I can understand someone wanting to soften the word to people who are not as open to the mystical and magical with a descriptive word.

But here’s an idea…let’s take the word back.

I’m tired of limiting myself, of making myself smaller for the comfort of others. Aren’t you?

I will not, I refuse, to give in to the lesser value of the word “witch”. I will stand here, being all that I am, and take back the mana of the word and use it like the sword and shield it is. I am a witch, and that is that. It encompasses all that I do and all that I am, and that is enough. 

If that makes you laugh, I don’t care.

If that scares you, I don’t care.

I am a daughter of the Universe and a perpetual student of how It works. My home is Gaia, so she is my focal point. I do my best not to preach or to vilify. I will not get on a pedestal in front of a crowd. I take responsibility for my actions and try to solve my own problems. I use the tools given to us to the best of my ability to understand that which I do not, and I seek to understand from as many vantage points as possible. I look to the earth and the heavens, to those above and below me, for guidance and the occasional assist. If you seek me out and ask, I will lend my experience and vantage points to you for a bit of guidance and understanding. I am so much more than your imagination. I am that I am, and the only title that fits that, for me, is WITCH.

If you feel better in a little corner of the world, describing yourself as such, by all means, power to you. But I do hope that maybe someday, you grow up and out and realize that words have power, and you are limiting yourself when you pick a descriptive word to place in front of “witch”.


Author: eblifestyle

Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices.

One thought on “The Many Types of Witchcraft

  1. I have only just begun to ask myself if i could possibly be a witch. So I don’t have any experience with the matter at all but I do agree with you. It seems to make sense.


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