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Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices


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Elemental Symbols

I am Water – I am the Medium: I hold it all and give space; I am everywhere, shallow and deep. I go where I can because I can. I twinkle in the light and flow in the dark. I am where the rest meet. In me you are created and grow, and from me you are sustained. 

I am Earth – I am the Materials: I am the building blocks of everything. I make up you and everything around you. I maintain you, I build you, and I break you. You are made of me and when you die, you will return what I have lent you back to me.

I am Fire – I am the Movement: I am the animation, the dance, the change, the evolution. I am temperamental and varied…my rhythms are soft and raging. I can glow softly and comfortingly for you, or burn with passion anything in my path, including you. You feel me – I give you action and force. 

I am Air – I am the Motion: I breathe in life, or death. I give and move space and feed the fire’s movement. I am expression, dialogue, communication, language…thoughts, ideas, speech. I am your first request as you break through the womb, and I am the first to leave you as you die. 

I am Spirit – I am that I am. Love eternal. Mother, Father – All. Wisdom, Knowledge, Knowing. I am all the seen and unseen, connecting all. I am everywhere and nowhere. Guiding, teaching, watching, loving. You are a small, small, beautiful piece of Me. Your Soul – your perceptions and thinking, emotions and feelings are there because I put them there. Your joys are mine, your pains are mine. It is from me you come, and to me you will return. The game we play is that you are born forgetting this, and will spend your life remembering this. And I will love you regardless of how far you come in this great game because yes. You are my children, and I could never not take you back into My arms, back into My Soul. 

Author: eblifestyle

Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices.

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