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In the Beginning – Creation Myths Simplified


Creation myths are numerous and span the continents as civilizations from around the world sought to explain the origins of the heavens, earth, and mankind.

Arguably one of the oldest creation myths is the story of the Apkallu and Tiamat of the ancient Sumerians. From here, one can make the argument that this story fanned out over Africa and Europe and changed according to culture and climate. But, this doesn’t explain the similarities found all over the rest of ancient civilizations and cultures from around the world….or does it? But I’m not going into a history lesson here. If you want to read the stories and come up with ideas, you can do that yourself – there are tons of amazing online resources filled with a library of creation myths from around the world. I’m just brazenly summing them up.

Essentially, the story of creation comes down to these steps:

1. In the beginning, there was darkness/nothing/chaos, but there is a watery substance in abundance.

2. From somewhere comes a chaotic race (giants, titans, scary destructive creatures) who are ruling rather poorly.

3. The offspring of someone from step 2 realize how poorly their forebearers are doing, and a heroic male figure steps up to defeat the one in charge and causing the most mayhem.

4. The heroic male takes the body of the defeated forebearer apart and from the pieces makes the heavens and earth and everything in between.

5. Mankind is always made or mentioned as existing last, and generally created by the “heroic offspring”.

6. Mankind tends to get information/secret knowledge/wisdom from someone from the “chaotic race” in step two who isn’t all that bad and loves the humans.

7. There is a flood to a) remedy teaching mankind secrets or b) destroy mankind because they are rude/loud/terrible creatures.

8. There is always a good couple who are set aside and saved and they repopulate the earth.

9. And now we have us today.

Monotheistic religions like Christianity and Islam and Judaism, as well as some new age spiritual sections, seem to simplify everything and skip steps two and three, and just go from nothingness to God/Source creating everything in 6 days or movements.

But, they all have angels that were created first and the angels were the ones who taught mankind how to do things and then God got pissed off and sent the flood, but realized not all humans were terrible and saved some.

However, the basics are all quite similar if not the same. What do you think this means? I think it’s just another example about how when you get right down to it, we’re more similar than different after all.

Author: eblifestyle

Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices.

3 thoughts on “In the Beginning – Creation Myths Simplified

  1. No one can prove who is right or who is wrong. However, everyone labels beliefs that are different from their own as myths. That way, everyone else is disenfranchised and we are the proverbial “last man standing.”

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    • Agreed. There is no real way of knowing, so in trying to be well-rounded, I think it helps to read them all and then give it a good think and decide on what vibes with you, if any of it does at all, and then live and let live. 🙂


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