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Why should I explore my [spiritually pagan] roots?

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So yeah, not everyone has ancient cultural roots based on the pagan traditions of Europe. Duh. As a matter of fact, only about half of my own come from Europe (the other half comes from Africa).

But this is the side I found peace with. Do I expect everyone else to? No, of course not. But I do know that there are many people who do and many more who are interested in them. I also believe them to be as good a starting point as any, and that many of the ideas and beliefs from then can be relevant and useful today, especially when you are trying to figure out this whole “spirituality” and “esoteric” thing. There are also tons of parallels with European pagan traditions and those from around the world, and I’ll be exploring those in many posts to come.

Again, I pose the question, “Why should I explore my [spiritual] roots?”

Do you think you can grow a tree from planting a flower in the ground? No. You need the seed. From the seed grow the roots. From the roots grow the stalk and then come the leaves and finally the flowers and fruits.

The seed in this analogy is the idea that you should or want to reconnect with something older and bigger than yourself. You plant this seed when you start looking for information, asking questions and doing research. The roots begin to grow when you experiment, meditate and practice ideas. They grow strong and healthy when you find peace and magic, serendipity and gratitude, happiness and health. Once you understand how you are connected to the earth (Mother Earth), then your stalk begins to grow and leaves begin to sprout as you begin to explore how you are connected with the cosmos. The flowers come when you explore the cosmos (Spirit) and are nurtured and loved by it, just like you are by the earth. When these two things come together in you, the fruit begins to grow, ripen and be ready to be enjoyed and shared.

This is my logic and I have found it to be helpful and useful to not only myself but friends, family and other seekers.

Read the stories, myths and legends of the ancients. Understand their meanings and points of views, their connections and lessons. Find their relevance today. Explore how these were used by the people of old to connect to the earth and have relationships, knowledge and understanding. Experiment with their practices to get a first-hand account of it all. You already have the seed because you’ve stumbled upon this website. Let me help you plant it and get it growing. 🙂

Author: eblifestyle

Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices.

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