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Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices

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Earth-based Lifestyle…what?

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“Earth-based? What are you trying to say? Are you trying to trick me?”

Well, yes and no.

I think it’s safe to say that the human population is starting to look around and ask questions. This has happened before over the course of our history, and we’ve had great things happen as a result, things like the Renaissance and the Hippie Movement of the mid to late 1900s.

Now, with modern technology, there is a HUGE awakening going on as people begin to question their moral, spiritual, political and religious beliefs and go in search of answers. In this modern gold rush of information, there is a giant shift of people looking to disconnect with their electronics and reconnect with the earth and/or with the feminine aspect that the earth tends to represent. When this happens and people sit down in front of their search engines, people will start to see a lot of words like these:


Yeah, those words tend to scare a lot of people off, and no wonder. Looking back at recorded history, those words don’t tend to carry positive and welcoming vibes, and that’s really a shame. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that these were generally good people trying to do good things. Does that mean everyone was? No, of course not, but just the same as not every Catholic priest is a kind and friendly one.

But if you take all those words out and look at what they’re talking about, you know, the people who tend to use those words and call themselves these things today, they’re all talking about a relationship with the earth.

In my own quest for answers and to reconnect with the earth, I decided to research and explore my ancestral spiritual roots as a good place to start. This led me to the earth-based philosophies and lifestyles that I deeply connect with. I was able to heal a lot of my own roots and enrich my connection to the earth and from there I have grown upward and out, much like any plant. Once my roots were healed, my branches, leaves and flowers started to grow exponentially. In an effort to help others do the same, go back and heal their own roots, I decided to create this website.

This website is designed to have an earth-based perspective to help (re)introduce you to your connection with the earth in a practical, logical and friendly way, via the European pagan beliefs and methods as well as New Age Spirituality. Think of this site as “paganism for dummies”, but I’ll try to use the words that scare people off more like references. The idea is to make it all simple and easily accessible so that as you go looking for information you’ve got a sort of base to come to and branch out from, and you won’t be bombarded with graphics, gifs, glitter and sound effects, either. 😉

I hope you find what you are looking for, and that in browsing through this site you are able to connect a little more deeply with the earth under your feet.

Author: eblifestyle

Exploring how to (re)connect to the Earth through new and old age philosophies and practices.

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